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Baseball Puff HTV Transfer

Baseball Puff HTV Transfer

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******Puff effect from the PRINTABLE Puff is less than the regular Puff vinyl, colors also go more Vintage and not bright after it’s pressed ,

Puff vinyl is a very unique Its reaction is similar as if you stretched a ballon and the color will lighten*****.

what Works for me 

270 for 7 Seconds 

Manufactures Application Instructions

Application Instructions

270°F~275°F (132°C~135°C)
5~8 Seconds
Peel mask warm
Medium-Heavy, even pressure

- PrePress fabric to remove moisture

- Place the design onto the fabric of choice

- Cover the design with a Teflon sheet prior to heat press
- Press at medium pressure
- Remove the protective carrier at Hot Peel

1. Optimal temperature range may vary depending on your heat press. Testing prior to application is strongly recommended.
2. Puff effect from the PRINTABLE Puff is less than the regular Puff vinyl.
3. Use a squeegee to avoid air bubbles forming when applying the Transfer Tape to the vinyl. Bubbles within transfer tape will result in bubbles forming in the vinyl when it's applied to the substrate.

100% cotton, 100% uncoated polyester, poly/cotton blends

- Wash warm water
- Inside out wash
- Tumble dry normal